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Skyrim: The World of Legends (In English))

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owsla Skyrim: The World of Legends (In English))

Viesti  RainbowDust lähetetty Ma Maalis 07, 2016 5:08 pm

Bria Julie Fowler is a ordinary young woman living in a suburb of Chicago and secretly wishing for even a one change to occur in her life. No one ever told this game addict to watch what you're wishing for and so in the one particular night she finds a gateway to the land that is almost too familiar. 

TERVETULOA (Welcome, welcome)

Nimittäin lukemaan (??vai??) taas kerran aloittamaani Fancfictionia tälläkertaa Skyrimistä.
Ajattelin että pelkkien linkkien sijaan nyt kun ulkoasukin on parantunut huomattavasti niin on kaikinpuolin mukavampaan kun laitan pienen kokonaisen sneak peakin joten Chapter 1 olkaa hyvät! PS: MIKÄ NÄITÄ VÄLEJÄ VAIVAA miks ne on noin huget. nojaa kärsikää :D oon varmaa tsiljoonasti pienentäny ne mut ne menee ain takas.

Kuten huomaatte samaa sarjaa AC:n kanssa teemana se minun rakastamani ah niin ihana Henkilö X tupsahtaa paikkaan X ja asioita tapahtuu muttei tule olemaan todellakaan samanlainen en harrasta samanlaisia ollenkaan vaikka saattaakin näin ekaks kuulostaa geneeriseltä. 

Ficci sisältää vahvaa kielenkäyttöä ja väkivaltaa - näin fanfiction archiven taulukoilla lukijarajaksi on määritelty T eli 9+ (saattaa muuttuu myöhemmi 13+) mut epäilen et 90% teistä on paljo vanhempia ku toi ja jos siellä nyt joku 8 vee on niin tuskin sinäkään menetät yöuniasi tämän takia paitsi jos tiiät pyörtyväs ku luet siitä että vuotaa verta.

CHAPTER 1 - Mistake or a Right thing?

The pitch black of night hoovered around the world at that exact moment when I stepped outside of my door frame the leash in my left hand. At least as much pitch black as it could have been with all those city lights around and cool, fresh air blew across the quiet yards and cars could be heard somewhere far away, it was slightly cold and my arms were shivering giving me chills.
Alongside on my left my loyal German shepherd dog Buddy strutted with paws skipping over dry road and I yawned while rubbing my probably red, watering eyes.
It's not that I would have been crying though – it just happens when you are playing video games all night for a change because it was weekend after all. Yay freedom, and the reason why I was outside in the wee hours walking my dog was that I had to give him a chance to pee sometimes. When you are drowning yourself in the screen fighting dragons, making prophesies real and stuff, you tend to forget these boring normal life duties that are constantly pushing themselves in front of your way of life.

Yes, it sure was a way of life not just a hobby or thing to spend time with. To be clearer Skyrim was the way of life and my first and only love! I mean damn, how many times you get something even happening in Chicago? Can't a woman have her addictive obsession too?
I was wearing my usual white spring jacket on top of a long red collar shirt with half sleeves, black leggings for the lazy day behind me and basic sneakers which I had thrown to my feet. Intention was to just quickly turn around a corner and slip back to my warm house, but constant waiting for my dog to take a piss was a way too long. Buddy just focused on smelling the ground and I let a frustrated sigh escape my mouth.

"C'mon Bud. Pee already we haven't got all night!"

Murmuring to myself I gave him some more room to wander, but in the middle of an impatient standing and walking in circles I saw soon how he suddenly froze with perked ears and watched the nearest neighborhood with fixed eyes on the other side of the road. It got my attention for a while but I saw absolutely nothing back there and noticed instead how thick blanket of clouds removed themselves and revealed the moon somewhere far in the horizon.
Just when I was about to lose my wits and drag him back with an angry complaining, Buddy huffed once and before I knew it, the pain in my shoulder remarked that the end of the leash was running from me straight across the car way. Those stunned brains of mine just watched the dog growling and barking like a crazy and like a lightning it bolted shamelessly into other people's yards and gardens. Shit, what is going on?!
With a really inappropriate thoughts I began the desperate chase to get my doggie back.

"Buddy! Buddy come back! Back! God dammit, what's wrong with that dog! Buddyyyy!"

Great. My neighbor granny just loves loud run-away- dogs in the middle of a night! I tried to run as fast as I could but somehow the dog just kept going and my brains screamed not to lose sight of him, what on earth is he chasing on anyway? The last thing I wanted to do here was capturing the running animal or jumping over the flower benches, but I continued calling him out without any success since he didn't listen. At all.

So we ran to the right.

We ran to the left.

We ran in circles.

Too quickly enough, my calf muscles were killing me, my lungs popped and my heart was making its way up to my throat which was dry and sore. And the stupid mutt just barked, not giving me a break.

"Why are you like that! Buddy! For goodness sake I can't stand you!" I screamed and wondered why anyone isn't cursing at me in the yards already. Catching my breath I gave up for a moment completely swearing for Buddy and his weird crazy seizure since he had never ran away from me like this. Still my eye managed to notice how he finally turned between the couple of wooden houses and I jogged after him again fearing he'd go on the road again. Hey there is some kind of light there? I clearly now saw a faint white light gleaming between the darkness and thought that this was my doom. Someone surely became checking this disturbing fooling around and then I'd get thousands of thread letters for letting a pet rampage in here such a manner. Wait, didn't Buddy just run towards him? 

"Catch the dog please! Catch him!" I screamed for whoever there was with a flash light still following growling noises. Geez someone really had a massive flashlight since it was so bright and….big when approached, is there some kind of construction site or something? But then I didn't hear any vehicles though.

Better to find out and when I turned around the corner I decided…

…that this was the weirdest moment of my entire life. My mouth was already open ready to ask if someone caught Buddy, but there was no construction site. There was no persons, no cars and definitely no flashlights of any kind. There was only this huge white swirling round thing levitating above the ground. Buddy was right next to it growling and slowly I reached his collar, but my gaze and thoughts were just in this appearance in front of me. I stared at it. I stared at it without blinking like my life depended on it.

Trying to find some logical explanation to this led only to nothingness since there wasn't any. Throw the explanations to hell! What is this? A portal of some kind? All its inner colors brought in my mind just a portal. If anyone have been watching enough movies and games, it is me and I know this is something…big. 
"Stay!" I commanded with silent voice my dog who was afraid of approaching the shimmery thing any further, but I wasn't. My stomach was throwing itself upside down shaking.
What would happen if I touch it? Bria, seriously you have to touch it, don't miss it! What if it closes up and you can't ever know what it was. It might be important.

I took couple of steps closer until the white mist filled my vision and my mixed feelings got together. You would be stupid to not to investigate, seriously you always wanted exiting and this was more than exiting. Normally I should have been worried hell over my dog and house and everything but the truth was that everything else seemed so little things over this one. Stop thinking shit and just do it, go ahead!

I slammed my hand to the so called surface of the white swirlpool and experienced something I didn't quite expect – a strong pull kicked me off my feet and I screamed like a tortured cat, eyes closed and hands swinging around. It felt like free fall for the couple of seconds which got me terrified, but that was until the hopefully imaginary falling ended and after the ringing in my ears calmed down I found a collection of dirt, sticks, grass and stones under my now aching arse and when I finally dared to open my eyes the houses were nowhere to be found.

Actually the city was nowhere to found, no Buddy, no shiny levitating thingy's – just me and the green deep, deep forest even if it was the most beautiful forest I've ever seen, I was still freaked out. What just happened? Where am I? Did I just do this?
Couple of minutes I sat confused on the ground until I shakily stood up and started looking at my surroundings.

Sun shone right through the leaves of the big oak trees and the birds flew around in the sky what was visible at some point. I made out the smell of fresh soil, mushrooms and plants it was almost overwhelming. Like the nature itself would be a pure nature, no dirty litter lying around and what was the most awesome part: everywhere seemed to be life. I couldn't make out many creatures, but I had a feeling of being watched. Dried leaves crushed under my sneakers as I took a couple steps forward only to figure out if I could see something...revealing. Wow, it actually looked like many countries I know, but still not quite anything at the same time plus I had this strange feeling that this wasn't just any ordinary place.

"Buddy?" I spoke aloud just in case, but got no response which made me clear that I was indeed alone. Alone in the middle of a wilderness, but then…the thing was indeed a portal! A FREAKIN' PORTAL! I don't know if I should have panicked, but I'm the person against the rules now…I got so exited again and whispered mysteriously to myself.

"Exploration time Bria! No distress in here yet. Find out first where we are!"

Clapping my hands together I stumbled forward and crossed the trees grinning. Here we go right? Right?! No question and since I was completely out of directions I decided to just travel straight in the hopes of getting somewhere and straight was the direction I kind of landed face towards. It felt like a good thing to do and although there lingered many unanswered sentences in my mind I could spare the time for them later.
Actually it was also weird that in here it appeared to be middle of the day going on, a different time zone perhaps? Still it wasn't so horribly hot here - no cold but not hot either, a decent warmness covered the air but it wasn't too warming so I was happy about my jacket. Speaking about air I felt like it would be lighter to breath, which felt funny. Maybe I was somewhere high? (Not the drug)

I slowly traveled forwards constantly side tracked by things like odd looking plants and noticed how I came towards an opening where the trees changed to the thin birches and a few spruces showed themselves in between. 
Terrain was surprisingly hard and rocky to walk so I needed my balancing skills more than I'd have liked to when I had to dodge and climb small bumps, roots and rocks.
Everything seemed calm for some time, but soon I was startled by a fox that ran past me with speed that made me think it didn't want to end up eaten by something. 

I watched curiously after it since I've never seen a fox so close up and when I was just about to continue with a little less excitement than earlier this safe feeling environment quickly turned into something else when a blood freezing roar sliced the air.

The roar was something that I couldn't recognize at all and scared the shit out of me. It carried far into the forest and was followed by another lower one…and it was very close. The thing was, this wasn't just an ordinary animal roar it was a huge, threatening, scary roar of anger and I was scared for my life without being able to move. I froze with blood rushing in my brains and listened so hard my ears ached.
Sudden realization came over me that there was no other animals here anymore, I could easily make out the silence and in that moment I knew I was in danger.
I didn't really know why I just didn't run somewhere else. The fear was somewhat paralyzing, and I jumped again for another loud growl even closer, no don't close your eyes! Is it a bear? No it isn't, I was sure I have heard this…no it can't be it? Can it? 

The answer came soon enough when I nearly peed my pants when the plants all around cracked in a distance and something grey approached among the trees. Something gray and fucking huge with three soulless black eyes and horrible teeth. I smelled it. I smelled the rotten flesh from its breath and it sniffled the air with two large breaths and kept growling.
It came closer and I was almost hyperventilating with my eyes wide.

The thing, the predator in front of me…a Troll.

A fuckin' Troll!
I backed few steps and cracked a branch which made tears climbing to the corner of my eyes as its full attention darted on me. The thing was overall way taller than me, sharp deadly claws coming out of its hands and fangs made for ripping the flesh from bones. Panic rose from somewhere deep in me when I thought my guts being ripped off by the monster in front of me and walked backwards even more.
They always scared me in the game but like this, this was unbearable. I was going to die.

It took only a one more savage hunting roar and spreading of dirty hairy limbs when I knew to do the wisest thing I could manage – I screamed. I screamed so high my own ears couldn't take it and then was on my way. Which way then? The opposite way.
I didn't even think I could ever run that fast when I did then. Even the hardness of the terrain didn't matter, I jumped, jumped some more, ran and jumped and dodged. The fear of death banged my chest so hard that all I could was just go forward not even properly seeing where, and I would so not even look behind me. Was it still there? Who would know, but the only thing I heard was the beat of my heart and air in my ears as I kept running.

Downhill surprised me sudden but I hastily regained balance after stumbling and pushing myself blindly through some organic beings and continued but then, well I couldn't do that. 
Without any warning out of nowhere I felt the impact force hitting my front side as I crashed into something so hard that the sand under my shoes slipped and I fell backwards on the ground with a squeal mixed in faint word of woaaaah. 

It took me couple of seconds to realize that the thing I collided with actually had given in some, but for now I was focusing on rolling on the ground while rubbing my body parts that actually hurt. Oh, that'll leave some good bruises at least!

"Uuuh, did I ran into a brick wall or something…" I groaned and when I finally opened my eyes there was a shadow in front of me. A shadow. Of a person.
Quickly rising my confused eyes up I figured out there was man wearing what definitely was a studded armor and the horned iron helmet. I cannot go wrong on this, I recognized it immediately. Large fur belt, which was part of the whole thing held various weapons and pockets in separate belts and he was looking straight at me with a little annoyed or rather surprised expression on his face – couldn't tell properly since his features were mostly covered. 
Why would someone combine the light and heavy armor, oh sorry I gotta stop being a nerd specially when this was real and I laid on the ground with my dusty clothes.
So much I figured out of his appearance that he as well might've been a one big muscle. His arms looked like they were carved of the stone itself, his dark brown hair was a maybe medium length by judging how I saw the tips under the helmet and a short beard rounded his chin. Wow, why he looked so familiar? Where have I seen him before, because I know I have.

Wait could it be it again?

There was this awkward silence when we just stared at each other as he kept his hand readied on a sword but didn't draw it, my own face now changing between all the emotions I went through and they are hard to describe since I realized many things at once. 
This man was wearing a clear Skyrim armor, I saw the humongous snowy mountains somewhere far because now the rather open road led my eyes to them. Trees hummed on wind, yellowish leaves fell down on the bumpy road and me, I gasped for air as sweat drops glued my hair on my forehead but I didn't care.

The one big thought here, I just met a Troll (I meant the creature, not insulting this guy) so I was IN THE SKYRIM? Tamriel? Nírn? There was no other choice.

The second big thought: The troll was still out there, but I didn't get far before something finally happened.

"This must be one of the strangest moments in my whole life…", I heard the man saying plainly with his quite deep sounding, a bit raspy voice and my first reaction to this was the same stupid staring as before, of course until I got my things together. Barely. Oh by the way thanks for helping me up and shit.
"You just said it..." I puffed still in surprise and started to climb up on my feet while gathering strange looks about my outfit I assumed. Afterwards I totally jumped when this guy just stepped further catching my attention by turning me to face him and I felt slightly threatened which made me take few steps back. Was this the famous -into-the-frying-pan- moment?

"And what exactly makes you run into me in the middle of a damn forest?"

He made it sound like it would have been my fault and well it kind of was, but then again why is he dangerously sounding not-amused? I mean it in the way that I'd think I'm probably ending up as a corpse if I'm not clearly explaining why I happened to so severely insult mister Brickwall here, of course on a purpose. 
After that I remembered that I was being chased or did it give up? What if it still was wandering around there waiting? And do trolls have a good smell instinct, okay now you can panic again. I glanced back to the woods feeling a real uncomfortable and pointed that way.

"There….there was a Troll! And I seriously mean it, it chased me and I actually thought I'm going to die but there WAS a troll and if I'm not wrong it's coming this way! Are you even listening?!"
Still somewhat panting I found myself almost yelling at his face and now my legs started feeling powerless of all that running when the adrenaline rush settled down.

"A Troll you say? Of course" the man chuckled and turned away waving the topic in the air. Wait, was he leaving? I stunned myself again, but this time it was this attitude. Outrageous!

"What! What are you thinking you're doing you can't do that! Excuse me come on, I know what I saw you think I'm running like a hell just for fun?" storming again in front of him I blocked his way and crossed my arms with annoyance which turned into a scream when something was pushing itself out of the bushes again. Once again I did the cleverest thing and ended up hiding behind his back just in case.

"Oh my god, it's coming DO SOMETHING why are you just standing there!?"
More bushes moved and he just watched as this would be some kind of show sometimes at me, sometimes at the forest.
"You are one stupid thing man! Are you deaf! IT'S A…." The thing popped finally up and I had this terrified expression in me. It quickly changed in to a shock.

"It's…It is…a goat….?!"

My shock changed into a realization as I was actually hanging from his arm and let go rather quickly staring at the furry animal with white fur and horns. 
"It's a goat…" I said again in disbelief and started to look like a fish on a dry land when I pointed first the animal and this dude with me. He was grinning for his life and looked like he'd like to burst out laughing.
"I…but…I swear there was…a troll…a goat…What the…? THERE WAS A TROLL you hear?!"
My hasty explaining fell to the wind. 
"You have some trolls there woman!"

"I'M NOT CRAZY" I yelped in frustration and did wild gestures with my hands while looking angry again but turned to look at the goat eating grass a couple feet away. 
"What is this sorcery?! Oh NOW I KNOW!"


I tried to walk to the animal, but as it would be normal it fled when I got too close and the moment of silence fell again. I coughed into my fist. Did I ruin it already?
"Yeaah…" I muttered and bit my lip. 
"Well that was random"
I heard how he hummed in amusement as I noticed again how the man started walking not saying a word until he got past me. Why is he like that?!
"You know, I don't believe there are any Trolls around here, so good luck with that"

"Wait! Where are you going? You can't just leave besides exactly who are you anyway, I feel like I've seen you before!" that was extremely stupid thing to say to a stranger, but I was done with his ignorance and jogged forward trying to touch his shoulder. Instead the thing turned another way round since now I felt like I started to really piss him of when he spun around and in the blink of an eye pinched my arm into his grab. The man came closer and looked at me straight into eyes so intensely that it got the speech out of me.

"Look. I don't think we have met, I never forget a face and especially a person when they are wearing something that strange. And I also think I will leave as I want to. I don't know who are you and why are you stupid enough to be here without any weapons, but that isn't my problem unless you really want to make it one"

It was like we were locked in that position, but the difference was that this was the only time I really paid attention to his eyes and that made my guts turn around. 
They were blue, so bright and full of power that I almost could see the soul swirling in them. Suddenly I felt like he could see my entire life just by looking at me and it was slightly ripping me off of my defenses while my hands turned cold and sweaty for a moment without any particular reason. 
Lowering my head in defeat I still kept looking at him just because I didn't want to give him the joy of turning me down. Even if wanted to I couldn't remove my eyes from the man since without even him answering to my question I knew for certain who this guy was.

In the moment my brains still worked and I was sure I heard the voices chanting in my head and the drums beating with my own heart.

Ahrk fin kel lost prodah,
Do ved viing ko fin krah,
Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein!
Alduin, feyn do jun,
kruziik vokun staadnau, voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein

He must have read it from my face that I knew.
"Oh my god…you…you are…I know who you are! You are…Jesus Christ- I MEAN NO, no, no you're not Jesus I meant the...-"

"The Dragonborn"

I ripped myself apart from him and tried to concentrate. Was that a hint of an smile that flashed on him? No, it was more of an twitch on the corner of his mouth, but it didn't hold any emotions in it. I guessed my reaction seemed to be too familiar and it wasn't hard to believe either plus you aren't telling me that first I am pulled into a portal that leads me to Skyrim and if that's not enough I happen to literally crash on a person in the middle of nothing and he is the hero of my life
The One I've only dared dream to meet and he wasn't even real and now well, he IS real. Right there.
If my eyes just could create a shining white light coming from the heaven on him, they would do it just now. Suddenly I turned my back on him and just basically started talking to myself. 

"Oh no, what just tell me this is a dream! Okay, breathe what if I just fell asleep on my computer again yes that would be logic. But wait I don't want it to be a dream, OH MY GOD I'm awake!"

I spun back to him and tried to collect myself. Why I was this childish? I was supposed to be an adult, but the fangirl inside me just didn't give up and I nearly bursted in to tears. Holding those back as best as I could, I let a wide smile make its way to my face. It was the kind of -Now-I-Can-Die-Happy- smile that reached the every corner of me, but it lasted a little while when I realized how out of place I was there and swiped the tuck of hair away before getting serious again.
Even then the man just watched me, and if he doubted my sanity he didn't show it.

"You think I'm crazy do you?"

"I have seen worse"

I really didn't know if that was a compliment.
"I just…argh this is so fucked up, let's take this again" I sighed deeply and let my gaze drift elsewhere.
"My name is Bria, yours?"


I nodded. "Where are you going right now?"

"I don't know"

Right maybe I had to expect that since, well as an adventurer he didn't always have a plan where to go (I'd imagine) or then he was lying to me which seemed a compatible option as well. I could tell he didn't trust me, but who would? I am actually no one here, a random human. 
To me this situation started to light over, not in a good way.I was stuck in Skyrim's wilderness with nothing, I wouldn't make a night in here and the thought of that made me unsure of everything.
I don't even know where in the map I'm exactly in and Gair was the one with few words coming out of his mouth.

"Take me with you", I suddenly snapped and the man shifted from his place with a grim face.

"No" It was like a bitch slap on my face.

"No? What you can't just…!" (I wonder how many times I've alredy said that)
"Oh, I can!"

Now I felt like bitch slapping my own face and for the third time ran him out and tried for my best to come over with my anger. I wouldn't get anywhere by screaming to him, he'd just keep going to be a stubborn cow. 
"Please, just..." He shoved me to the side and kept going.

"No. You are absolutely no use to me. I can see you can't even fight, and would only slow me down. I don't want anyone to drag behind is that clear?"

What are those words even meaning? Now it felt like he'd punched my face with bare fist and I didn't really know him, but are you sure that this guy was the Dragonborn? Really, because the only thing I saw was a man that didn't care a shit from anything! What is wrong with him? What is wrong with everything? 
I closed my fists and bit my teeth together, I am so not ready to give in. I am following him even if it meant he'd ignore me, I had no choice!

"Shit! I know very well I suck, but would you just listen to me for once?!" I screamed after him and took again a sprint forward. I noticed how my voice grew more and more tender, I couldn't help it but tried to calm myself.
"Just...just listen please! I 'am really far away from home, I have never been in Skyrim which might be obvious. I also do not how how I even got here, I'm lost! Seriously, I…" I swallowed. He really did make me feel like a guilty here and all I wanted was just to get somewhere.
"I can't fix that fact that I might be a completely useless as you'd put it…but I also don't wish to die in here and I'm just asking you to help me..."

What ever happened to the hero. A certain desperation glowed within my voice, when I thought I didn't want to fight anymore. We had moved a quite the distance now and stood face to face where I managed to stop him once more. Gair's eyes flashed strangely for a moment but then after the depressing silence filled with only the sounds of the nature he surprisingly spoke, but it seemed like he'd be making the hardest decision of the century.

"…Very well then! But I have conditions"

"First, you will be on your way in the first city we come across! Secondly, you'll have to keep up or otherwise you are dropping off where ever you might end up dead. And thirdly you will do everything exactly as I say – no wandering around! And If I see you doing anything suspicious enough, that's going to end there"

The man's speech was harsh, as annoyed as before possibly even cold. It made me think that there was nothing good coming from this, but I had a feeling I would not get a better deal so I take what I can - and give nothing back in that matter. 
The last words of the ending made me think that it probably might have meant something far more worse than just dropping me off.


"It better be" he muttered and after that came the last time that he started moving again so I took that as a confirmation and went along. This would probably be the most exhausting day in my life, it was only a day here and why I thought that we wouldn't stop walking soon enough. I officially made a promise that I'm not ever laughing again to those videos in You Tube which are joking with the followers of Dovahkiin.
Did I mention too, I hate walking long distances? Well…I intent to keep myself in this and take those liberties I can. Just relax Bria, It's going to be fine.

maybe…how the hell I'm going to even get back to home? Do I want to get back? Is there actually anything left of me to go back? I quess that didn't matter now. Not yet.

~ Rambo

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